Farm Fence

Farm Fence

There are nearly as many varieties of farm and ranch fences as there are for wooden fencing. The reasons for installing an agricultural style fence or gate can be as different as property line demarcation or for livestock enclosures. Prestige Fence builds fine rural type fences to “pen” in dogs, farm animals and for countless other uses. The choices are as wide ranging as barbed wire and field fabric to wood corrals and specialty horse fencing.

Rail fences

Rail fences are as beautiful as they are historically significant – they were the most popular kind of farm fence at the turn of the last century before sawmills became commonplace.

These types of fences can be built with either two or three rails, and can be enhanced with the addition of either barb, hog, or chicken wire if desired.

Post and rail fences

Similar to split rail fences, wooden post and rail fences boast 2, 3, or 4 sawed boards to act as rails between the fence posts, and are commonly seen on farms or large country lawns.

Wire can also be added to these fences.



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