Chain Link Fences

Chain Link Fences

Chainlink Residential

In the Nashville, Hendersonville, and Springfield, chain link is the fence of choice. It is more durable than wood fencing, requires no maintenance, and is much less costly than wrought iron.

Most chain link fence materials sold today are vinyl-coated. Unlike the old days, when all chain link fencing was galvanized steel, today the fence buyer has a choice of colours which allow blending the fence into the landscape. The most popular color with both townspeople and cottagers in the area is black vinyl coated chain link with baked on black enamel posts and rails.

Green is also widely used, but does not blend in as well as the black. Gloss white chain link fence is also available, and is very effective for highlighting property boundaries, especially properties with large flower gardens or dramatic landscaping. Plain galvanized chain link systems are also available, but tend to be somewhat less attractive, especially for locations where natural landscapes are appreciated.



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